The work rolls on, Elder Winegar

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Brothers, Sisters, Friends,

How do you do? Well I hope! The work rolls on slowly and steadily. Rather than spectacular manifestations of miraculous power (which we do see surprisingly often!), this week my joy came from the small victories, the moment to moment miracles. Would it not do us all good to increase our appreciation for the multitude of ways the Lord sustains us every day? Truly, the seemingly small mercies of the Lord are often the most tender. 

And so it was for me this week. Many a hasty but profound conversation. My faith grew as I beheld how even brief brushes with restored truth bring light into anyone's life. 

My companion and I dug some holes this week as well. It would've been easy to be cross amidst blistered hands, a beating sun, and cement-like digging conditions, but my companion and I somehow still seemed to enjoy ourselves. Serving others selflessly, even when demanding, will never be a regrettable experience. 

I also learned a valuable lesson about obedience this week. I counseled for the first time in far too long with my Heavenly Father on how I could better follow and represent His Son. I'm not sure if I was expecting Him to say, "Elder, you've done it! You're perfect! Congratulations!" But in my pride I was certainly not ready for the answer that came. I was directed to the missionary standards, which were lying a little too dusty on my desk. As I read through even the first few pages, to my discomfort, there were many, many ways in which I was falling short. But as I began to work hard to follow the Lord's commands more closely, our mutual trust increased exponentially! As I increased in obedience, I became happier and gained a greater trust that the Lord's commands were for my benefit! And He trusted me with greater responsibility and more opportunities to do His work. I would like to share one of these opportunities with you now.

After what initially seemed like a splendid lesson with Monique and her daughter Ashton, the heart wrenching question was posed, "Mom what is happiness?" A moment of silence. Then this dear mother replied, pained at the potential anguish of her child, "You don't feel happy?" Another pause. Then a definitive, "No."

Amidst this tragic scene, I prayed with my whole heart to know what my God would have me say to this poor family. Immediately, a set of what I thought were unrelated verses entered my mind, 1 John 4:7-9, which describe the divinity of love. As I pondered the significance of these scriptures, the spirit taught me what I shall never forget; joy is love. To love and to be loved. The purer the love the greater the joy. And thus Jesus Christ, who is perfect love incarnate, is the source of perfect joy. 

And so, I shared this revelation with Ashton. That to feel joy is to feel loved. I testified that her family loved her. Most of all I testified of the unchanging and truest love that her Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for her. My companion then offered her a Priesthood blessing so that she could hear firsthand the loving words that her Heavenly Father would speak to her. 

At the conclusion of the ordinance, the home brimmed with a most sweet spirit. Her mother asked gently, "Do you feel better?" Full of tears she nodded in affirmation. Then we parted ways, all involved with greater faith and hope. 

I testify now just as I did then, that anyone who is seeking hope, peace, respite, healing, or joy will find it through The Savior, Jesus Christ. His love is sweet above all that is sweet. And He, "commandeth none that they shall not partake." 

Jesus Christ is the Light of the world. He offers us a joy that the world cannot give, a joy that cannot be found anywhere else. I plead with all my heart that you come and discover for yourself the joy He so willingly wants to give you. 

Now, please enjoy this music ⤵️

Thinking About You–Cody Fry

Let Me Love You–Scary Pockets

My heart is full. Love you totally. 


Elder Winegar

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