(I hope Elder Winegar doesn't mind but I snuck in an extra pic this email. A friend of mine was visiting her in-laws in Monterey and was able to hear him give the talk he references. She said he gave an incredible message on the priesthood, covenants and family that had a profound impact. Elder Winegar and his companion were able to work with the zone leaders this week and made 13 new contacts that they will be teaching. One of them met with the missionaries some time ago but was still able to recall teachings of the Book of Mormon and restoration of the gospel. - Elder Winegar's Mom)



Thank you for supporting me by reading my two cents for the week. It's been a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions for whatever reason these past couple days. 


I absolutely appreciate my companion. He brings me a lot of joy. He supports me in my desires to labor diligently, but also makes me laugh. I will be sad to leave him. 


I freaking talked to so many crazy people this week. But one of them actually ended up being Job from the Old Testament so that was pretty cool. Glad to see that he's still around. 


I'm still ridiculously bad at athletic activities. Just thought you should know.


I woke up on Sunday morning and had forgotten that I was speaking in Sacrament Meeting that day. I just drew up some points about the subject I was given to speak about and went for it and I was pretty astonished at the result. It wasn't too shabby. 


This transfer (6 week period) we've been challenged to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover. It requires a lot of reading but I have relished the opportunity to appreciate the stories and the unique instruction we can receive by examining some of them from a broader perspective. 


Right now I am reading through some chapters that detail some severe and deeply saddening wartime circumstances. One small detail that stood out to me was a small four year period of peace amidst the many wars where it can be read that "there was never a happier time among the people…" I was taken aback to learn that these people could be so happy directly following such desolate times. 


As I pondered this story throughout my work, I came to realize that truly there is happiness to be found in every circumstance. No matter how dark the hour may seem, there is always light to be found. It may seem as dim as a star in the night sky, but of course like stars, when examined alongside its fellows, none can deny the splendor. The words of John Greenleaf Whittier come to mind, “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ‘It might have been!’”


Don't let the days you have pass you by. There is always joy to be found. Truly the grass is greener today. An old phrase that has developed deep meaning for me could help us all, "Carpe Diem" or "Seize the Day." If you will seize each day and put in whatever effort you can muster to find even just a measure of happiness, I promise you, you will. 


The correct order becomes crucial in my musical selection today, top to bottom:


Secretariat--The Moss

Off and Away--Vulfpeck

June--Briston Maroney


I miss you. So much. 


Talk to you later. 


Elder Winegar

Job is back in town

Monday, January 31, 2022

 You can e-mail Elder Winegar directly at Thank you for your love and support. 


Oh my goodness I'm just delighted to be able to talk to you guys. You delightfully delightful people. I'm feeling rather peculiar today.

This week was long and yet a sweet release. We finally escaped the bands of our trio, so it's Elder Sal and I taking on the world. My love and appreciation for him grows daily. He has a deep faith and love for the Lord. And he's really funny. The perfect storm. Even though I'm supposed to be training him, he's teaching me so much. 

I got to hang out with so many youngsters this week it was sick. There was a gentleman we were teaching with the cutest son who only spoke Spanish. We made silly faces to one another across the room while the adults had a lesson. Collette, another little lass who I am friends with in the ward, made some spectacular creations out of uncooked dough while her parents were finishing dinner. Twas a splendid time. 

We had an interesting baptism with an interesting mother who had a lot to say and not much clue of when or how to say it. I'll just say some of her comments were quite amusing and certainly not appropriate for the setting. 

A man who will soon lose his house expressed a lot of frustration to us in a rather hostile way. I wish I had more I could say or do to help this man. He clearly did not wish to speak with us so we anonymously dropped some brownies off to him. I hope he felt some peace knowing someone cared about him. 

Another close friend of mine went home early.

It seems to me that more often than not our lives can seem like little more than a "veil of tears" that we are traveling through. A dreary wilderness full of confusion and sorrow. While our wilderness may not contain flying fiery serpents like those of old, we encounter the more subtle creatures of doubt, anxiety, fear, strife, self-loathing, and depression. I have stumbled across many myself, as I am sure many of you have, and often we can feel so lost that it seems easier to give up hope. 

I plead with you, do not give up. Your Heavenly Father has promised you that,

"he will make [your] wilderness like Eden, and [your] desert like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness shall be found therein."

We may not be out of the woods yet, nor do I think that we will simply be delivered out of them. Rather, our Heavenly Father will help us see how beautiful they really are. As we push through the brambles, we will begin to see "the flowers of grace appear."

Remember that everything that is happening to you is ultimately for your good. You may not see it now but God has a Plan for you and he is shaping you into something even more magnificent than you are now. He truly, truly loves you. 

And I do too. Never forget. 

Tunes are too real sometimes

Grand Hoodoo--The Moss

Intuition--The Backseat Lovers


Elder Winegar

The Trio is Down to Two

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

 "Hey Kids,"

"Today's your lucky day cause you get to tell me your favorite baseball did you know...that's my favorite baseball team too!"

If you know, you know.

This week was a whirlwind. I feel like I've lived a lifetime in 7 days.

The trio didn't break up when it was supposed to so we have been covering a ward about 30 minutes away in Salinas in addition to the 4 in Monterey. It has been overwhelming but also a unique challenge with a lot of learning opportunities. 

The people of Salinas are really cool. Very humble and yet all from a wide variety of different backgrounds, and certainly from all walks of life. It has been informative to witness how Jesus Christ can heal all people, but in a very personal and individual manner.

There was this one man, I can't recall his name, who claimed himself to be of the "Israelite" faith. He hailed us over (never a good sign), asked our names, and then proceeded to expound unto us the many reasons we were damned to hell. Among his various points he mentioned some things I thought were notable. 

There are 613 laws contained in the Old Testament. True disciples wear frills on their shirts. And, that my mother is a black woman. All in all, quite the fascinating bloke. 

I had some MEAN clam chowder down on Cannery Row. Cool little spot down there. 

There was a Tsunami warning out here. It was cray. Nothing actually happened though. Boring. 

Even though there was a lot to do this week, I still found myself struggling to feel motivated to even do the smallest and easiest of tasks. It took all I could muster to get out of bed and do my standard daily duties. 

I got to the end of each day feeling like I did a pretty crummy job at, well, my job. I stumbled upon some council that brought me some encouragement.

"Jesus Christ is the author and the finisher

of our faith. He will finish, He will complete our exercise of faith, however imperfect."

We all have times when even the bare minimum seems too much to bear. On those days when it takes all our might simply to show up, know that God will take what we can give and make it enough. As Alma taught, even if we can merely desire to believe, desire to have faith, if we can do no more than allow that desire to work in us, God will work wonders with our effort. Give what you can, even if it seems to you next to nothing. He will make it into something magnificent beyond measure. I promise you. 

I thought about you even more than usual this week. I hope you feel my deep care for you. 

Ye Old Tunes:

  • Buddy--Willie Nelson
  • There Will Be Time--Mumford and Sons

See you around,

Elder Winegar

Elder Winegar, Hey Kids

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Hiya friends,


They're running a tight ship over here so I'm gonna be really brief today. 


My new companion is Elder Saluone. He is a beast. I love the guy already. He's ready to work hard and I'm here for it. 


I'm back in another temporary trio. They always find a way to rope me into the shenanigans. 


I attended the Tongan branch on Sunday for the first time and it's basically my new favorite thing ever. 


Oftentimes on our voyages through mortality, in order to have the motivation to press onward, we need to know that there will be some respite, some confirmation or reassurance that our blind stumblings aren't meaningless. That there is a reason to press forward. 


In the midst of suffering it can often seem easier to give up. We can feel forgotten and alone. I promise we are not.


"But, behold, Zion hath said: The Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me—but he will show that he hath not."


You are not alone. You are not forgotten. Your Heavenly Father loves you, and is watching over you. And your Heavenly Father will show you so. 


Don't quit. Keep pushing forward. There are brighter, happier days ahead for you. Everything will turn out okay. If you haven't found your happy ending, it's not the end yet. 


I love you. I pray for you. Stay fresh.


And listen to this. 


Creature Comfort--Arcade Fire

Sincerity is Scary--The 1975


Elder Winegar

Three's Company

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hullo whoever is reading this,

How amazing the Lord's work is. This week was special for me. I was able to be a part of a lot of really amazing experiences. And I mean MANY so I'll have to give you a speed round. 


We were out and about and I was gonna go to this apartment to see this one person, and there was a really practical and logical way to get there but also a really impractical way to get there. My brain was telling me to take the practical way but my heart told me to take the bonkers way. So we did. And we found someone who is genuinely interested in learning more about Jesus Christ. I think I was inspired to go the way I did. It was just too poignant to be a coincidence. 


I went on an exchange to Castroville and absolutely loved it. I mostly just tagged along and watched because I don't speak any Spanish, but the culture and the people there are so down to earth and my heart was so full of love for everyone that I met. Also Elder Call may have shown me some sick tracks he made before his mission…


New Years was quiet. A nice early bedtime. 


Our dear friend Gabriel was baptized. It was such a tender experience for all of us. All the way up until the moment it happened he had a lot of doubts. But immediately after he came out of the water he was simply beaming. After we confirmed him a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and he received the Holy Ghost there was a clear change about him. Where before he was quiet, reserved, and almost detached, he had become outgoing, exuberant, kind, and so so happy. As we chatted afterwards we told him that we hoped he would always remember this day and the way that he felt, his response was one word and a big smile, "Unforgettable."


This year I have been reflecting a lot on my life as a missionary and as a human being in my last year of life. Many large changes occurred in my life and in the lives of many. Changes continue to occur in Missionary work and with all of you at home. It's overwhelming sometimes to picture what It will be like to meet all of the people I love after two years of changes. Even the prospect of how much the world could change in 2022 is frightening. 


The words of the Prophet President Russell M. Nelson bring me comfort amidst all this change, '


"Please know this: if everything and everyone else in the world whom you trust should fail, Jesus Christ will never fail you. The Lord never slumbers, nor does He sleep. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. He will not forsake His covenants, His promises, or His love for His people. He works miracles today, and He will work miracles tomorrow."


I know this to be true. No matter what seems to change, no matter if your whole world seems to be crumbling around you, know that true, genuine love, especially that of Jesus Christ to and every one of us, will remain. Of all things that may change, His love for us is unchanging. 


This year through all changes we will experience, let us "press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men." 


The world waits for no one. 

Where else can we go, but forward. 


Songs anyone?


The Way We Move--Langhorne Slim

When My Time Comes--Dawes

Into the Unknown--The Blasting Company


Love you all. Till next week. 


Elder Winegar

Ye Elder of Israel

Monday, January 3, 2022