The Baptism of Jimbo, Elder Winegar

Thursday, September 29, 2022

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Low on time as always but I wanted to share with you some most wonderful news! Let's start from the beginning shall we?

On Saturday afternoon was our friend Jim's long anticipated baptismal interview with President Smith. When we arrived at the place of his interview, there he was waiting in his shiny, blue Camero. As we approached his vehicle, out he popped, as jovial as ever. We walked inside and after what felt like a very brief introduction to the Mission President he was whisked away by his interviewer.

And then we waited.

And waited. And waited s'more.

After about an hour and thirty minutes I began to fear Jim had much more to him than we expected. Was he some kind of murderer? A criminal mastermind? Or had we failed him in our teaching? As I neared what must've been the brink of sheer panic, I heard the office door click open and I bolted out of my chair to meet our baptismal candidate.

President Smith's first words were as astonishing as they were joyous. He said to us simply, "Elders, Jim needs to be baptized tomorrow." After shouts of praise and rejoicing on behalf of our beloved friend, President then informed us that Jim had asked him to officiate in the ordinance, and so he would be attending. We responded with initiative, proposing to the group a 7:00 PM service the following day. All parties were in agreement and we split excitedly anticipating what would be a wonderful evening.

As the time drew near, everything fell into place nicely. Speakers, pianists, and presiding authorities all aligned for a smooth service. The spirit that was felt by all who participated matched the significance of the occasion. Most tender to the heart and sweeter to the soul. 

As Jim came up out of the water President Smith asked him, "Jim, how do you feel?" Brimming with that light that can only come from Jesus Christ, he replied, "I feel AWESOME!"

The next day Jim sent us a text message that said this, "The only way I can express the way I feel? Is Refreshed!!!! It's AMAZING!!!...Feels like a Ton of Bricks have been lifted from my shoulders."

My dear friends, if you would like to know the deepest desire of my soul it is this: for each one of you to be able to experience the refreshing power of Jesus Christ just as my friend Jim has. And I promise that any one of you can through the ordinances of baptism, the sacrament, or those of the temple.

I testify that it does not matter what you have done or where you have gone or who you have become, you are never beyond where the light of Jesus Christ can reach. You may have heard that, but do you really, truly believe it? I do. I have felt that light in such great abundance that I can never deny it.

Through baptism we are cleansed. All mistakes we have made are forgiven and we receive a new slate. And we can receive a new slate every single day of our lives after that through the sanctification of the Holy Ghost. Few things have changed my life more than feeling new again through God's power and feeling the burdens of my own past lifted. I promise you can feel it too.


Tieduprightnow–Parcels Cosmic

Sans–Cory Wong

I miss ya. 

Elder Winegar

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