Report from Elder Winegar

Wednesday, June 22, 2022


So, yep, it was a decent week. Not much to report to be frank. A few sweet stories I'll get for you.

For one thing, I just met SO MANY people this week. We put in some serious hours on the street. When you are really looking, and following the impressions that come, God will lead you to those people that need you. I met not only so many people who desperately needed the hope and peace that comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I met many people who taught me invaluable lessons as well. I learned about the anatomy of a Giraffe. I learned about the modern-day impact that segregation has on our society. And I learned more about Jesus Christ from a plethora of unique perspectives. There is assuredly something to be learned from each person we meet and each experience we live. Let us embrace this most informative opportunity!

We did an exchange (a companion swap) for a day during the week and beheld a few unique occurrences. Perhaps the biggest was a raging fire resulting from a meth-lab explosion (picture included). Some sick guys on the block had a drone with a camera and let us get a birds-eye view of the whole operation. Many firemen and police officers. As a matter of fact we met one police officer who said he had responded to a dispute involving some other missionaries earlier that day….

As it turns out those other missionaries were my companion and the other Zone Leader we were on exchanges with. The wife of one of our members was cracked out, romping around the streets wreaking havoc as she does, when she ran into Elder Douglas and Burke. Naturally, she started cussing 'em out at point blank range. Luckily, a little old Tongan grandma had their backs, and after blessing the bewildered Elders with some lunch money, she engaged the aforementioned crackhead in hand-to-hand combat to defend the Elders honor. Shortly thereafter the police arrived.

As I lived through many exciting and also many dull experiences this week I became increasingly aware of how wonderful the gift of life is to us, in its entirety. Its height, depth, and breadth are simply iridescent and its meaning immeasurable. It is difficult to describe the beauty and splendor of such a gift. The Savior has said,

"I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel."

The Lord knows you by name. He sees you and He sees your life and its unique intricacies. And, if we ask Him, He has promised he will help us find those obscure treasures, those riches that are hidden in each moment. Perhaps the secret place He will lead us to is really a place of contentment and joy wherever we are. 

I testify that our Father in Heaven loves us so much that He would let us experience it all. The blissful sun and the raging tempest. It is my humble prayer that you feel His profound love in the priceless days we have been given in this wonderful world, and in the perfect gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Humbug Mountain Song–The Fruit Bats
Chicago–Sufjan Stevens

Keep chasing that dream,

Elder Winegar

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