Elder Winegar, Chungo

Thursday, June 30, 2022


Well hey what’s up?

This week was decent. Had some internal struggles but as they say, “Onward, ever Onward”

Unfortunately for the most part it was not terribly riveting. After all Lamar wasn’t in town so how could it be? As per usual the people made my week, I’ll tell you about a few.

We met this one woman who I’m pretty sure was actually an angel. Her name is Jackie and she came here from Kenya. She was thinking she’d be late for her bus stop, so she walked past us at a speed that was approaching the sound barrier, but then stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the copies of the Book of Mormon that we were holding. She immediately asked us in a squeaky, high pitched voice if she could buy one. We excitedly informed her that we were actually giving out copies for free and teaching people more about Jesus Christ. A bystander might’ve thought we told her she won the lottery. She was absolutely ELATED. Her love for the Savior, Jesus Christ, is absolutely radiant. And oh so contagious!

There was this one home that we walked by that Elder Douglas desired to approach, but our way was impeded by a very yappy pooch. My companion was ready to leave but I would not give up so soon. I said a quick prayer in my heart and slowly approached the fence, watched intently by the canine. After some serious hesitation, in an instant, the dog changed demeanor as if we had known each other all our days. I gave the furry friend some TLC through the fence and then he was happy to let us through the gate. The owner of the home was not interested, but what a humorous and inspiring way for the Lord to manifest His power. 

A final story, we met this interesting bloke named Jacob outside what we figured was some kind of group home around mid-week. We rapidly identified an intrinsic faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and sat down and shared our unique message about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph. Afterwards he told us he really wanted to learn more and he wanted to come to church with us. 

We set up an appointment to see him later that week, and upon our return he expressed to us a desire to join the Church of Jesus Christ and asked us how he could do so. We told him we were here to help him and we began to teach him a lesson when we were interrupted by a woman who had been listening in on our conversation nearby. She, in short, informed us that this home Jacob stayed at was a forensic home for ex-convicts where they were closely monitored for their own and others safety. She said bluntly to us, "He's not the man that you think he is." Immediately Jacob cast his eyes down in sorrow and shame. 

I looked this woman in the eyes and then this grieving man and felt for him true compassion. I bore my most heartfelt witness that Jesus Christ descended below all things and that regardless of what He had done, he was not below the reach of his Savior. Then my companion testified boldly beside me and the love of God was felt by all present. The look on that woman's face leads me to believe that our response was not what she was expecting. I am grateful she was able to be a part of that sacred experience with us.

"6 He that ascended up on high, as also he descended below all things, in that he comprehended all things, that he might be in all and through all things, the light of truth"

As I did that day, I do now share with you my humble testimony. I know that Jesus Christ bore the grief and sin of all the world. And I know that because of His loving sacrifice we can become free of our burdens and become new again. With all the conviction of my heart and soul I also bear my witness that He lives! Nothing will ever separate us from His love, now and forever.


On Love (...)–Ritt Momney

I love you dear friends and am deeply grateful for all those who reach out. It means the world to me.

See you all soon enough.


Elder Winegar

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