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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

 I hope Elder Winegar doesn't mind but I snuck in an extra pic again this week, sent from a member in Monterey with an expression of love for him and his companion 

What's up,


Though the slope of spiritual growth and joy in Missionary service seems to be generally increasing, there are certainly ups and downs. But having an eternal perspective is a great blessing. I can say like an old friend, "That's Life" when the hard things inevitably come my way.


I'd like to thank you all for your birthday wishes, I greatly appreciated them. I felt so very loved which is truly the greatest gift of all. I will make a good effort to respond to all of you but I cannot promise success. Keep your eyes peeled for emails next p-day…


An update, I've been drinking about 4 cups of various herbal teas a day. 


A man I met this week named Gary deepened my understanding of Faith and Hope. He is struggling with Cancer and upon asking him how he bears the weight of that burden he said, "I pray, I love God, and I trust that what he wants to happen will happen." What a principle. That if we seek truth, if we seek righteous paths, if we love God with all that we are, whatever he knows is best for us, will happen.


In a talk by Elder Nelson last October, he said "Through literature, music, and art, the Savior Jesus Christ has often been referred to as the Balm of Gilead because of His remarkable healing power." While I wish to talk about this healing power in a moment, I also want to talk about an experience I had learning about the Savior through a unique medium. As an astonishingly generous birthday gift, a group of extremely talented musicians covered some hymns to give me a wider variety of musical accessibility. Not only did I appreciate the Christlike kindness of the gesture but through the art they created the spirit was amplified and I learned things about my Redeemer in a completely new way that I never had before. I am infinitely grateful for all that we can learn through the God-given gifts of artistic people. 


Throughout the Scriptures we can learn of Christ's "remarkable healing power." In all His ministering to the people of various nations, at various times, he has always worked mighty miracles of healing. Some of the most well known scriptural accounts are those of His healing of the Lepers, the Lame, and the Blind. But perhaps even more miraculous and profound is His unique ability to "healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds." He can heal us from the deep mental and emotional wounds of trauma, the seemingly undiminishing pains of betrayal, and even from the guilt and shame that stems from our own grievous errors and transgressions. Christ himself has asked each of us "will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you?" Brothers, Sisters, and Friends, I plead with you, let Him heal you. His heart is filled with compassion and his bowels filled with Mercy towards you. He loves you and everything He does is for your benefit. I promise you that if you'll seek His healing, strengthening power with diligence and real intent, you will find it.


I love you, I pray for you, and I hope you have a marvelous week.


Some tunage for you,


Harmony Hall--Vampire Weekend

I Won't Let Up--Rostam, Hamilton Leithauser


God be with you till we meet again.


Elder Winegar

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