Elder Winegar, Hey Kids

Sunday, January 16, 2022

 "Hey Kids,"

"Today's your lucky day cause you get to tell me your favorite baseball did you know...that's my favorite baseball team too!"

If you know, you know.

This week was a whirlwind. I feel like I've lived a lifetime in 7 days.

The trio didn't break up when it was supposed to so we have been covering a ward about 30 minutes away in Salinas in addition to the 4 in Monterey. It has been overwhelming but also a unique challenge with a lot of learning opportunities. 

The people of Salinas are really cool. Very humble and yet all from a wide variety of different backgrounds, and certainly from all walks of life. It has been informative to witness how Jesus Christ can heal all people, but in a very personal and individual manner.

There was this one man, I can't recall his name, who claimed himself to be of the "Israelite" faith. He hailed us over (never a good sign), asked our names, and then proceeded to expound unto us the many reasons we were damned to hell. Among his various points he mentioned some things I thought were notable. 

There are 613 laws contained in the Old Testament. True disciples wear frills on their shirts. And, that my mother is a black woman. All in all, quite the fascinating bloke. 

I had some MEAN clam chowder down on Cannery Row. Cool little spot down there. 

There was a Tsunami warning out here. It was cray. Nothing actually happened though. Boring. 

Even though there was a lot to do this week, I still found myself struggling to feel motivated to even do the smallest and easiest of tasks. It took all I could muster to get out of bed and do my standard daily duties. 

I got to the end of each day feeling like I did a pretty crummy job at, well, my job. I stumbled upon some council that brought me some encouragement.

"Jesus Christ is the author and the finisher

of our faith. He will finish, He will complete our exercise of faith, however imperfect."

We all have times when even the bare minimum seems too much to bear. On those days when it takes all our might simply to show up, know that God will take what we can give and make it enough. As Alma taught, even if we can merely desire to believe, desire to have faith, if we can do no more than allow that desire to work in us, God will work wonders with our effort. Give what you can, even if it seems to you next to nothing. He will make it into something magnificent beyond measure. I promise you. 

I thought about you even more than usual this week. I hope you feel my deep care for you. 

Ye Old Tunes:

  • Buddy--Willie Nelson
  • There Will Be Time--Mumford and Sons

See you around,

Elder Winegar

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