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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Friends O'mine,

Oh my goodness. I feel so horrible. Because of some unique circumstances I haven't sent one of these emails in a long time. I'm terribly sorry. It really makes me sad that I haven't.

So much has happened. It would be foolish to try and include it all. Highlight reel.

Crazy story. I'm just starting a new transfer at the end of November, right? I had a new companion and I'm assigned to lead the area. I'm wildly nervous. I pray and ask that I might be led to do what needs to be done. I feel prompted to go visit someone that I've never even met before. We get there, get out of the car and start walking to his front door. Halfway through the 20 seconds it takes to get there a lady drives by, slams on her brakes and jumps out of the car and yells after us to ask if we are the missionaries. We went over to talk with her and she informed us she had just been evicted, moved into the ward, and had two sons that needed to be taught and baptized. Miracles are real. I cannot deny I was guided to be right where I needed to be. I cannot rationalize it to be a coincidence, seeing how astronomical it was that we were both on that street at that time, which I had never been on prior. God is not dead. He lives and His hand is in our lives. In your life. Take a look. I think you might notice.


My new companion is pretty cool. At first I quite loathed Him. But it was maybe just getting used to the changes. He really likes Cars, Golf, and College life. Basically nothing I really relate to. But we make do. We've gotten along swimmingly thus far. 


I helped construct a float for a Christmas parade. It was an experience to say the least. Tis' the Season my friends. 


My dear friends. My thoughts this week are rather simple. Life is hard. This week I have felt it. Things weren't really easy. And for most of us, they never really are. Much of the time our suffering can seem inexplicable. And oftentimes it may very well be. 


Jesus Christ knew this better than anyone. He who was persecuted, reviled, and hated. He who was betrayed and denied by many of His closest followers, disciples, and friends. And above all, He who experienced all of our sufferings and pains, that we might have Hope for brighter days ahead. 


He said unto all of us who suffer,

"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."


Whatever pains, sorrows, or grief the world throws at you, just remember; the world has already been overcome.


In the midst of your suffering, Christ freely proffers peace and love far beyond mortal capacity. To everyone. To each and every one of us. Whether we feel we deserve it or not.


Now listen to these Christmas Songs for me:


It's Beginging to Look A Lot Like Christmas--Bing Crosby

White Christmas--Frank Sinatra

Christmas in L.A.--Vulfpeck

Santa Baby--Vulfpeck


Yeah that should be good for now. 


Love you guys. I think about you constantly.


Elder Winegar


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