Elder Winegar, transfer time

Tuesday, November 23, 2021



Phew. This week was a rough one on the mental side of things. But we persevere. Our Heavenly Father will always provide for his children. I have felt his help this week and oh how grateful I am for it. His hand is in the details. And you will notice it if you look for it. I promise you. 


We just so happened to run into one of our married friend's boyfriend at the gas station. She told us he's crazy and won't leave her alone but he claims that they are dating. They are both pretty questionable on occasion so we really don't know who to believe and it's just crazy. The stuff I see out here. 


We taught a friend of ours who is around 13 years old who is trying to decide if she wants to be baptized. She is really cool and so is her family. They live on what is basically a ranch in Carmel with all these animals and a huge property. She is adopted from India and so are most of her siblings. There are about 8 kids total including her. The Spirit was very strong at our lesson and we had some good laughs. I also showed them a few card tricks that they thought were cool. All in a day's work. 


We met some really kind people who were willing to talk to us on the street this week. They weren't interested in learning more but they were cool people and appreciated the light and hope of Christ's gospel. 


I thrifted a Trench Coat for $10. It seems silly to you all but it was a highlight of my week so gimme a break. Some people look at me funny when I wear it but it's very warm and comfortable, and honestly I think it's drippy. I'll include pictures. Who wore it better, me or my grandpa…


Transfer week. I will be staying in Monterey and keeping all three of my wards! However I will be getting a new companion who is brand new to the mission field. I will be training him out of training…*gulp* I guess someone, somewhere has some trust in me. I'm gonna need a couple more angels to keep me from ruining my new friend. 


His name is Elder Romney. He is reassigned to San Jose from his original assignment in Vietnam. He is learning Vietnamese so I'm gonna have some extra time on my hands during language study. And he may or may not be related to some well known political leaders…


I'm excited to meet him tomorrow morning. I pray for extra support and have hope that it will be a good transfer.


Gratitude. You knew it was coming. Too easy an opportunity to pass up. In the Bible, an oft repeated story is that of the Ten Lepers. To summarize Jesus meets ten men suffering from an awful ailment that renders them isolated from society. Having heard of the miracles Christ was working among the people of Jerusalem they sought out healing from Him. After Christ cleansed and healed them of their sickness nine of them went along rejoicing in their miracle. But only one stayed behind and thanked his Savior for the miracle that he had been given. 


I see this all too often in myself. Perhaps you might too. When good things come our way we take them and run, rejoicing in the pleasure they might bring us. But how often do we take the time to stop and really appreciate them? At least in my case, not nearly enough.


Often it is difficult to be grateful when we find ourselves in miserable circumstances where it seems like there is no reason to be. In reality, gratitude becomes more crucial within such circumstances. 


No matter what circumstance you are in right now I think there is something you could be grateful for. Look around. Try to see with new eyes the beauty of surroundings that may have become familiar. Take a moment to be present within the wonder that is your body. Close your eyes and enjoy the gift of life through a few deep breaths. 


And if nothing else, remember Jesus Christ. He literally took upon himself the weight of the world. The weight of your world. His love for you is boundless and constant. He loves you in this very moment and all moments to come. He is there for you even when nobody else is. 


When we are grateful for the bounties of life it is nearly impossible to simultaneously be bitter or unhappy. Try a little harder this next week. And then the next week after that. And so on. 


I love you. I pray for your welfare and happiness daily. 


Catch you next week,


Elder Winegar

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