Elder Winegar, Weekly Post

Thursday, January 12, 2023


*Elder Winegar closes his umbrella and enters through the door frame of your mind*

*brushes off shoulders*

Well hello there! Awfully rainy out isn't it? I must say there has been a good amount of hullabaloo over the unusual weather, but I've found it rather pleasing in a strange way. It brings a sort of melancholy upon the landscape that offers release to the heart and soothe to the mind. Though, I do occasionally fear for the wellbeing of the people. They seem well enough off to me…I do hope they're well…

May I?

*Elder Winegar proceeds to sit in a red, velvet armchair*

Why thank you! Where shall we begin…I did receive some interesting training about storms and buffalo, but nevermind that now, we haven't the time. Remind me to elaborate another day. 

I did spend some wonderful, but brief time in the Santa Cruz mountains. A member of the ward had us for dinner and their home was tucked away in the forest. Quite quaint.

We met some rather astonishing individuals as well that had some interesting notions and ways of living. One gentleman enlightened us to the many ways the government was, and I use his words, "pushing the agenda of Satan!" My companion went along snickering for the duration of his discourse (and by any standard it certainly was a discourse!) while I, in my state of awe, tried to answer his questions by expounding the scriptures. His mind must've been too jumbled to receive any more information, for all exhortations were vain. If he were here now he would ensure I informed you that the current calendar is fictitious and constructed by conspiring officials. 

Another man, I'll call Ed, was also quite unique. He first opened the door and nearly hacked his lungs onto our feet. He began his attempt to send us away, but not before we could offer to administer the healing power of the priesthood. He gladly accepted. At the conclusion of a blessing his cough had, miraculously, completely ceased. Now recognizing us as servants of the Lord, he began to pour out his heart. He told us of the many hardships he was enduring and we assured him that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ would strengthen him through any affliction. He invited us back to his home but since that day our interactions have been…less productive, but very amusing. On one occasion he even answered the door in what most would consider scantily clad attire. 

Recently in my studies, I have become increasingly focused upon the God given power of freewill. Within each of us is light, which allows us to discern good from evil and truth from deception. To accompany this discernment we are then provided the opportunity to choose. 

Our choices have great power. They affect the shape of our life experience, the experiences of those around us, and our eternal destiny. 

There are many parts of mortality that lie within our ability to choose. Despite what intuition may tell us, we really can control through our choices our thoughts, our feelings, even our desires. We can choose what we believe in and what we doubt. We can choose what we do with our time, which will ultimately decide who we will become. Depending on how we choose, we can find joy, fulfillment, and purpose or restriction, captivity, and sadness.

And so, I testify that we can indeed choose to have faith in Jesus Christ. If you desire to believe that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world, then choose to believe it. If you desire to believe that this is His church on the earth, choose to believe it. If you desire to believe that His gospel is true, you must simply choose to. And then, once you have made the decision, live accordingly. Keep the Lord's commandments and follow His teachings. 

Jesus taught, "My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me. If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself" (John 7:16-17). As the blessings of our righteous decisions begin to flow into our lives, our natural hesitations will diminish and our knowledge of the truthfulness of Christ's doctrine will become sure. But such surety will never come without some uncertainty first. Is not this faith? "Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true" (Alma 32:21; see also Ether 12:6).

I promise you that if you really desire to know the truth you can. Choose to follow Christ. "Experiment upon [His] words" (Alma 32:27) and watch and see as your life begins to fill with light, with peace, and with joy. Watch and see confusion dispelled and purpose revealed. Watch and see the miraculous change that will occur in you as you choose to be converted to Jesus Christ.

*Elder Winegar glances at his watch*

Well would you look at the time. I best be off. But in parting I leave you my love and a song recommendation.


Not Around–Ritt Mommney

And with that my friend, adieu, until we meet again.

As they say, "back into the frey," I suppose.

*Elder Winegar rises from his seat, walks towards the entrance, now his exit, and dips out into the rain. He quickly opens his umbrella and perhaps pops the collar of his jacket against the wind. He begins to walk away, but then, before departing, he turns and looks back at you once more with a grin on his face. He then walks briskly into the bowels of The Unknown.*

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