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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Happy Halloween spirits and spooks.

I've been slacking lately on the email game I know. But everything just goes so fast lately. Sometimes I feel kinda weird. 

Things are good. We have pretty rad things happen to us every day. Here's the update:

Transfers struck once again. I remained in South San Jose, but with a tWiSt… 😮
I have a new companion. 🌛 Elder Kay is a farmer from Idaho. We call him gramps. He used to be the housing coordinator for our mission so he comes with some splendid perks, most notably a smooth lil' Tacoma (sorry dad no pics yet). She's a nice ride.

Let's see what else. Oh yeah. We got put in a trio for the week. That was spectacular. Spent some time helping Elder Searle prepare to return home from San Jose and start a service mission in Arizona. I get to testify with the word of my mouth. He gets to testify through being a stalwart example of Christlike service. I grew to care for Elder Searle very much. An interesting, and to me, quite enjoyable chap. 

We had a ward trunk or treat. Don't know why everyone is so insistent on celebrating satan's holiday, but to each their own. Only joking. It was a grand time, especially watching the deacons get borderline concussed by their siblings in human whack-a-mole.

At times we are so eager to engage in the Lord's work, to join His battalion, that we forget that it's just that—a battalion! When things are going well we may not realize that,
"We a war 'gainst sin are waging" and that, "the fight with sin is real." But our mortal journey, and especially our discipleship, will inevitably lead us to the front lines where the battle is raging and the clamour of combat is deafening. The campaign of the adversary is very real and, sadly, very successful. Many of God's children, whether they realize they are enlisted or not, suffer great wounds at the hands of those enemies wielding weapons of temptation and wickedness. As is expected in wartime, what was once eagerness soon becomes weariness, then discouragement, then despair.

Recently I have felt the "fight" demanded of those who are a part of the cause of Christ. Some days it is difficult to go on and surrender sounds ever so restful. 

On one of these particular days, after pleading with, no, crying out to the Lord for any strength beyond my own, these words came gently to my mind,

"Don't quit on a bad day! 

We will always have bad days, you will always have failure, it will always be hard. But if we choose to give up as soon as things become challenging we will never accomplish great things. Greatness never has been and never will be easy.

And God wants us to be so much more than great, or marvelous, or even majestic. He wants us to be like Him.

Mortality coupled with discipleship never has been and never will be easy. But we are not alone. God is with us. We are His work and His glory. He will push us far beyond our limits into realms of pain or sorrow because He knows better than we do that to become better isn't comfortable. He understands that refinement takes fire, stormy seas make skilled sailors, and mortal experiences make heirs to eternity."

My dear friends, I testify that though the fight "will be long [it] must go on" if we are to obtain the glorious prize of victory. I testify that this is a fight well worth fighting, after all, our eternal destiny hangs in the balance! I testify that because Jesus Christ triumphed over Gethsemane and Calvary, over death and Hell, we can too. We must not doubt that truth! Christ is victorious! It doesn't matter what foe we are called face, "in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us."

Songs 🎵 

Nancy From Now On–Father John Misty
Humble Passenger–Dr. Dog

Additionally, the new Backseat Lovers album came out…please listen to it for me. Got it? Perfect. Now listen to it again. 🥴

Anyhow. I'll let you get on with it. Have fun.

Luh you. 


Elder Winegar.

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