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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

It's been special lately. Good? Bad? Who knows. Special.

Two of our good friends are preparing to be Baptized as of this week! Their names are Andy and Jerry. Andy is from Nicaragua and knows our friend Dencell who was baptized last year. They are getting to be good buddies and it's really wonderful. Like for real.

This week we had many wonderful opportunities for service. We help set up a nice succulent yard sale. We dug out a sump pump from a foot of mud under the pervasive stench of sewage. And we cleaned out a good gentlemen's home with a very, very severe roach infestation, and I don't use that word lightly. Gonna have to burn some clothing after that one…

Our friend Raj came to church with us and then afterwards he took us over to his home where we gave his father a Priesthood blessing for some health issues that he is struggling with. Afterwards, we sat down and enjoyed some authentic Indian meals with the family. It was exquisite and I will never forget "mom's" cooking (nobody on the block knows Raj's mom's name, everyone just calls her "Mom").

This week I have been immensely grateful for the wealth of knowledge and power found in the Scriptures. One particular story in the Book of Mormon that stood out to me this week was that of Nephi building a ship for him and his family.

The prophet Nephi suffered immense ridicule and hardship because of the doubt and faithlessness of his brothers. But despite it all, he trusted in his God and he was not let down. Amidst his travails he remarked, 

"And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannotainstruct me, that I should build a ship?"

As we reflect upon the multitude of mighty and magnificent miracles that the Lord has worked among His children throughout time, we, like Nephi, will realize that the same God who by the faith of his people has subdued kingdoms, moved mountains, calmed seas, healed diseases, and even raised the dead, most certainly has the power to ease our burdens and deliver us out of the bondage of our own unique circumstances. After all, did not he send his only begotten Son to descend below all things? 

I testify that the challenges we face, however big they may seem to us, are more than manageable to our omnipotent and perfectly loving Father above. As we trust in him I promise from the very depths of my soul that he will never, ever fail us.


In order this week if you will:

Honest Man–Fat Night

Hate That You Know Me–Bleachers

Cheers Darling–Damien Rice

Hero–Regina Spektor

Elevator Days–The Backseat Lovers

Address Your Letters–The Backseat Lovers

Plain Jane Heroin–Theo Katzman


Elder Winegar

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