Elder Winegar, Let us all press on

Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Imma be real right here. This was a tough week for me. Missionary work and life I suppose have a lot of stressors and I haven't  learned how to manage them very well yet. The results were…overwhelming.

I said my farewells to Elder Beard this week. It has been one of the great joys of my mission to serve beside him. Not only is he an inspiring missionary, with a faith in Christ that truly works miracles, but he has become a dear friend to me. 

In his stead I picked up Elder Douglas! He is a brand new missionary who is from Lansing Michigan. He is a really unique chap and I am learning to love him, just as I have with each companion. Love is a process. It is continually growing in knowledge, understanding, magnitude, and strength. It is continually purified and refined in the furnace of opposition. And hopefully, our love is continually becoming more like Christ's, each and every day, a little at a time. Is this not what mortality is all about? Learning to love God and to love our fellowman? 

We had some struggles the next few days afterwards. It seemed it was just a never-ending string of bad events for days on end. But sometimes the greatest act of faith is simply to keep going. To not quit when the going gets tough. To always follow Christ even when it's really, really hard. 

When we do, we are all promised that, "whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions…"

You're enough. It's not always about you. Trust in God and trust in His perfect plan. He "will not leave you comfortless [He] will come to you."

🚲 song 🚲

Runaway Goliath–Mantaraybryn

I sure do miss you. And I sure do love you.

Let us all press on.

Elder Winegar 


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