Small & Simple Things

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Good evening,
"It is well with my soul" in the work of the Lord. Serving my God and my fellow man not only brings purpose, fulfillment, and contentment into my life, but true, lasting joy.

I find myself with little time to address you this week due to the current pace of the work but one notable experience comes to mind.

On Easter we had gone to visit an older gentleman, the father of one of the women in our congregation, who is nearing his 90th birthday. His name is Bob and we had set up an appointment with him the day before. Upon arriving at his doorstep there seemed immediate indicators that he likely was not home. We knocked on the door and waited for a few moments and nearing the time when we would have left, a seed fell from what seemed to be the heavens, onto Elder Beards sleeve. We both looked up to find a large squirrel in the tree directly above us. After staring at this squirrel for what was probably an absurd amount of time proportional to the occurrence, Bob suddenly and unexpectedly appeared at the door.

We proceeded into his home and came to know this man with a fascinating story which corresponded to the long life he had lived. He expressed that he was unconcerned with whether or not there was a God, or whether or not Jesus was the Christ. But he willingly invited us to share what we had come to share. We shared a video detailing some experiences of Mary Magdalene on that glorious Easter morning many years ago. We then bore our witness of the divinity of Christ, and that His message truly brings peace and hope into the life of anyone who will hear it. We then offered a prayer as we left his home.

Following the prayer we shared one of the most tender experiences of my mission. We opened our eyes to find him weeping. He expressed to us that his wife had passed away two years prior to cancer and that on special days like Easter, he really missed her.

Being with him in that hour of pain and sorrow truly taught me the meaning and power of discipleship. To be a disciple is to listen. To be a disciple is to uplift. To mourn with those that mourn. To comfort those that stand in need of comfort. To be a disciple, to be a follower of Christ, is to love. It is to love others as he loved and loves each and every one of us.

And all that because a squirrel dropped a seed on my companion's sleeve. Assuredly, by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. :)

I testify that Jesus Christ lives. That "He is Risen!" As sure as you are reading these words. I testify that He lives to love us, each of us, one by one. It is my fervent prayer that each of you might feel the reality of his personal love for you. No love is greater and no love more joyous to the soul.

I care about you. I hope you're well.

Baby I Don't Know Oh Oh–Vulfpeck
Cosmic Sans–Cory Wong

Sleep well,
Elder Winegar

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