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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Hey homies what's crackin'

Wow wow where to start. This week was straight fire you guys. First of all thank you to everyone who reached out this week. You have no idea how perfect your timing was. Seriously miraculous.

Perfect timing. I like it. I'll start there. So as far as finding new people to teach we found virtually none this week. Which sucks for sure but also it's fine because my comp. is like this spiritual guru guy. He's low-key super awkward when it comes to social interaction but this guy receives freaking revelation I swear. Anyways to get to the point even though we didn't find people to teach we followed our prompting and it was amazing. It felt like we walked where Christ would have walked if he was here. We showed up at countless places at the exact time someone needed us to. Multiple people said we were "sent by God" to them at that exact moment. As I was able to serve such a diverse group of people that make up this community, my love for them grew so much. So much.

Now I will proceed to tell you about some of my most interesting/favorite interactions this week.

Alexa was a relapsed alcoholic who was struggling greatly. I mostly just felt very very sad for her. She wasn't really all there so I don't think she received the comfort we were trying to extend to her. She did say we were a sign to her from God though. She also told us in her Russian accent that we were gluttonous sinners for eating sugary cereal for breakfast lol.

I'm unsure of his name because I've tried to block the details of the experience out of my mind but there was one crazy man playing the drums out of the back of his truck who listened to us for 5 minutes and talked about his sexual escapades in explicit detail for 40.

He was really something. Hope we meet again someday.

Victor and Grace I can't talk about in too much detail because of their interesting situation, however they are from North Korea and are practicing speaking English with some Ward Missionaries. I have a deep affection for them that I can't quite explain but they are really cool people.

Another person whose name I'm unsure of, but they entered sacrament meeting in some very atypical attire and waved their sacrament bread around in the air and was making big hand motions throughout the meeting. They had some good energy. Definitely kept me awake through my four hours of meetings.

Uncle Bennett (or Bennett to normal customers) who is the owner of a local sandwich shop and gives missionaries free cake.

Lastly Mama Vega who is a fiery woman from the south with very questionable cooking.

In other news I think about home far too often. It's probably detrimental to my success but I'm still working to get past it. I miss getting up to shenanigans with you all. I miss sleeping in haha. I miss my stalwart vehicle ol' blue. I miss The Conjuring (I may have cast some devils out this week…) I miss the canyon. And most of all I miss music Holy Crap. So on my behalf please listen to the following songs this week.

  1. Whatever that "Better Together" Jack Johnson song is
  2. Rollercoaster by Briston Maroney
  3. Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra
  4. Elevator Days or frankly any Backseat Lovers song
  5. Disco Ulysses and Wait for the Moment by Vulpeck (oh how I miss you Antwuan…)

But all memes and jests aside. This week I have been humbled and reminded of the core truths that I am really teaching. Heavenly Father loves us, his children, in the most individual and sacred way possible no matter what we choose to do or who we choose to be. And because of that he provided us a way to overcome any obstacle, Jesus Christ. He understands us so deeply and so precisely because he has literally felt exactly what we are feeling. His empathy is perfect. He can show us the way through. He just wants us to take the first step. Turn to Christ.

much love from me to you,
Elder Winegar

If you know anyone that wants to be included in these that is not...let me know.

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I dunno some beautiful sights I guess.

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